Monthly Wrap-Up

of April, 2021

A Word from CSP

G - Grateful

Today I am grateful for my children. A few weeks ago, our daughter Stephanie (who many of you know) moved into her own apartment. This last weekend, our son, Austin moved into his own place too. We now just have one baby bird still at home and since Rachel is our oldest, we expect she'll be flying soon as well.

I would have expected to be feeling sad today. but I'm not. I'm actually very happy! The kids have all turned out to be great human beings and seeing them so excited makes me smile.

R - Resource

I love finding cool things and sharing them. This month I want to share a tool that I am obsessed with! I don't like writing copy. I'd much rather record a video. But...copywriting in this business is important. I found a tool that makes the job fun. You add a few sentences or keywords and the tool uses artificial intelligence to provide you with a blog article or a social media post. Whatever you're looking for, it will spit out copy for you. Brilliant!! Check it out here.

O - Observation

I am currently working with a business coach. I'm also observing myself as I am moving through his program. WOW, it takes a lot of repetition for his wisdom to get into my head and then turned into action! What I'm saying is that it's a lot of work! I'm dedicating time and energy every day to implementing his coaching.

As part of his high ticket price tag, I'm able to attend his open office hour 5 times a week for a year! I attend most of them. He has several hundred people in this program and yet there are only 15-20 of us that show up for his daily coaching. The old 80/20 rule in action. I have to wonder, why have all the other participants paid that money and then not attend?

W - Word of Mouth

One of our amazing clients, Rachel LeRoy, launched her new website and complete rebranding of her business, HipMaps. Whooohooo! I know she's put a lot of work into this and I love what she's created. The next step is to blend her new site with CSP so she can generate leads! Check it out here and learn about all the different ways people are using custom maps.

Upcoming Events

Workflow Builder Workshop - (for clients only)

May 7th, 12pm-1:30pm CST -

We are giving you the chance to see the workflow builder in action. By bringing triggers and campaigns into one place that is visual and easy to follow we can easily set up processes in CSP! We want to help you understand every nook and cranny of this new launch and how to set it up for YOU. We are so excited about all the new changes that are being brought to us with this update and even more excited to share them with you!

Register Here

Cultivating Sales x Uptown Creation - (everyone is invited)

May 18th, 2pm-3pm CST -

Chris Cozzolino, Uptown Creation Co-Founder, and LinkedIn expert, will be leading a tutorial on how to successfully leverage your LinkedIn account for attracting new clients.

Attendants will walk away with the knowledge and toolkit for turning their LinkedIn accounts into a lead generation machine. From this webinar, you'll be shown the tried and true method of generating thousands of targeted connections on LinkedIn, along with social selling strategies for converting those connections into new clients.

The methods being taught have been developed over the past several years as LinkedIn has become a leading platform of underpriced attention. Whether your goal is scaling a business, expanding your network, or even looking for a new job, implementing these lessons will set you up for success. Also, we will show you exactly how we help our clients optimize their LinkedIn profiles and teach you the most important aspects to focus on and why.

LinkedIn outreach is difficult. What makes it even harder is not getting the response rate and results that you deserve. Take these tips and implement them to increase your response rate on LinkedIn, and ultimately generate better results from your LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Register Here

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Events from Last Month

Cultivating Sales x Susan Trumpler

April 20th, 12pm-1pm CST -

Are you someone who doesn't relish the time you have to spend "selling" your products and services? But . . . you know that sales are a "necessary evil" . . . During this quick workshop, I'm going to help you discover how sales conversations can be fun when you learn the secret to connecting on a deeper level with people and help them WANT to become your client.

Replay Link

New Features this Month


Workflow Builder

It's here! The Workflow Builder has been launched and we want to give you the opportunity to learn all about it. We understand that all the moving pieces in the software can be overwhelming and this new feature is here to help. See below for an overview of how it works! If you have any questions please save them for the workshop or use support (livechat or email)!

Benefits of Using This New Tool

1. Build both Campaigns and Triggers in one space! This builder will allow you to create your whole process in the same place instead of moving back and forth hoping everything is connected.

2. The ability to troubleshoot yourself with in depth analytics and history of every step that a contact has gone through! See when they were added, what steps have been completed, and why steps worked the way they did.

3. Use new customization options within this new workflow builder to set off processes based off of one OR MORE trigger events AND split your workflow based on if or if not a contact did something.

Learn more about these features on the client community,

Tips from this Month

Add Event

Learn how to use to maximize attendance for your events! A free platform that works seamlessly with Cultivating Sales Pro!

Note: When adding the code to a landing page, use the HTML element

Manually Book Appointments

Learn how to manually book appointments in the CSP system so that you can easily book appointments on calls or overwrite your availability if needed!

Discount Code

Learn how to use a discount code in a funnel page!

Here is the code you will need -

<script src=""></script>

Add Appointment to Calendar on Funnel Page

Learn how to use custom fields from your forms to pull into a funnel page based on their answer AND add to calendar links into buttons!

New Clients

Joel Saxe

Wellness Advisor / Health Advocate / Water Filtration Specialist / Health Researcher / Helping People build and maintain optimal health

At Living Healthy With Us, we provide a two pronged approach to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

First, we work with a company that manufactures its own line of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan superfoods. These powders and supplements contain absolutely nothing harmful whatsoever: no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, as well as being free from chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, binder, fillers and synthetic vitamins.

The second product that we promote is Multipure Drinking Water Systems. They have been the industry leader since 1970. Today, 50 years later, Multipure has been regarded as the top-rated below sink water filter by Consumer Reports for the past 10+ years. For as little as 9¢/gallon (replace a 750 gallon cartridge once a year). Multipure delivers the highest quality drinking and cooking water available anywhere.

There is no accident that both companies that Living Healthy with Us represents has the word, “Pure” in their names. Let’s work together to take your health and the health of those you love the most to the next level.

Contact Info



Viktoriia Miracle

Speaker │ Energetic Time Management Expert │ Online Marketing Strategist | Host "PurposeFULL Women" Podcast

● Certified Health & Mindset Coach who helps clients live more joyful lives through empowered wellness.

● Provide guidance on Business, Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Mindset, Energy, Release, Balance, Mental Clarity, Muscle Testing, and more.

● Holistic health approach to resolving issues using Purpose FULL Day tools and mindset techniques.

● Results can include: weight loss, greater confidence, more energy, finding purpose, happiness, focus, balanced lifestyle, and adaptation to a new way of being.

Our mission is to support Million Millenials taking daily actions aligned with their purpose.

We provide the best productivity tools along with business strategies.

Find what is your Purpose Full day look like so you can master one day - TODAY. Once you master one day - you master your life.

Contact Info



Phil Short

Content Marketing Implementation // Media Production // Ecommerce

You already know that consistent, quality content will give you more visibility and help you stay top of mind to your list, social followers and create SEO for increased website traffic. If your marketing strategy includes content marketing, I'll simplify the entire process for you from capturing your expertise to posting/delivery.

No more spending hours upon hours of your own time figuring out all of the different systems or post-production processes needed to create and distribute quality content. Let me help you stay in your realm of genius, provide strategic consulting if needed, and provide quality, dependable, consistent content to develop and position your brand in the marketplace.

From blog articles, social media videos, YouTube videos, strategic content marketing campaigns, voice overs, podcasts, web design, graphic design, and more even up to full scale broadcast commercials, Short Media will make the process of creating, sharing and monetizing your content easy.

Contact Info



Client Resources

(in no particular order)

Client Help Library

Open the Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, and GIFs to help support you in the software. This library talks through all of the basic steps and things to understand about the software. With keyword search, you can easily find videos that you need. You can also contact support to submit a tick this way also, click "Contact Us" and follow the prompts.

Client Support Livechat

Use the 7 day a week livechat from

8am-4pm PST

(10am-6pm CST) (11am-7pm EST)

to receive support for quick questions or glitches you may have. Find this livechat in the Help Library and the black livechat bubble.

Client Support Email

Email [email protected]

7 days a week

to submit a ticket to our support team with questions, comments, glitches, and more! This is the best way to get support other than open office hours because it submits a formal ticket that we can follow.

Emailing or texting Stephanie or Melissa tends to get lost and are harder to track on our end. Having the support of a team focused on helping YOU is more valuable than hoping to get a text back!

Client Open Office Hours

Hop onto our open office hours that we offer THREE times a week. Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients, VA's, and team members. You will learn from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

Join us on Mon. at 12pm & Wed. at 3pm,, the password is Sales

Client Community

Join our community of clients with many different resources available and bounce ideas off each other on the Home Page.

This is the first place that we post new updates and launches of the software with a video explanation as well as posting our own events, lead magnets, tips and tricks, and more.

You can also post your own events and lead magnets under the Client Showcase topic.

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Client Courses

Check out these courses that we offer to learn in depth about the most common projects that are built in CSP including appointments, events, newsletter, keyword, product purchase, and more! You watch as Stephanie builds every piece of each project.

Check out the courses here

Hire Us for Help

Still not finding what you need from the 6 different FREE resources we offer? Hire us to help you build out these projects that you are trying to accomplish. Pick from the multiple pre-packaged projects that we offer or book an appointment for us to give you a quote.

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