Today I feel grateful for Spring! Living in Wisconsin, we have very long Winters. When the sun shines and the world starts to turn green again, I feel a sense of renewal. This motivates me to make new things happen in our business.



Did you attend or watch the replay of our Email Deliverability Workshop? We had an outside developer build each of you a special resource that will help you achieve the same kind of open rates we get. Don't know what I'm talking about? Reply to this email or email Austin@CultivatingSales.com for the details.



The trend in marketing is to use content to drive connections and build communities. Watch this space for a new community tool Cultivating Sales will be launching inside our Course Builder this quarter. One more way to incorporate everything you need into one platform!



I am not the best speller in the world. For that reason, I rely on Grammarly to help me. Did you know that it works beautifully from within our platform? It's so helpful! Here's a link if you don't always use Grammarly but would like to check it out. https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=182&aff_id=118243

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Invoice Notifications

Customize email and SMS notifications for the customer receiving the invoice, and for the team member who is sending the invoice

Click 'Payments' > 'Invoices' > 'Settings'

Class Booking Calendar

Allow multiple attendees to reserve a spot in the same time slot/event, and set the maximum number of seats per slot, perfect for webinars, workshops, or trainings.

Click 'Settings' > 'Calendars' > 'Create Calendar' > 'Class Booking'

Membership Triggers

New membership triggers are available in workflows, such as category started, lesson started, product started, and lesson completed. Use if/else conditions with these triggers, and use memberships in custom values for emails, sms, etc.

Edit Emails From Contacts

Edit emails directly from the contacts page instead of going back to the email builder. While sending an email, simply hover over the email and click 'edit' to make changes, which will update the email template in emails too.

Google Sheets Integration

In workflows,

Upcoming Events

If the event has a * this event is for CSP clients only


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