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GRATEFUL - Feb 2, 2017 I started Cultivating Sales thinking I was going to build mobile apps for the industrial market. I got my first client and just as I was about to launch our first app, Apple shut down our ability to use what they called ‘templated software’ to build apps. My first project failed. To build a mobile app without templated software would have cost 50K plus. With the software, we were able to build one for less than 5K. Many people complained to Apple about their decision and they eventually changed their minds but by that time I decided NOT to build a business that relied on a big company’s decisions. I had to pivot several times until I hit upon what we were meant to do. Our mission is to provide small businesses with a tool that would allow them to compete with ‘the big boys’ but at a price point that would work for the smaller business owner. I am grateful that I didn’t quit when everything fell apart. We now celebrate our 6th year in business and I am extremely proud of our team, our software, and our amazing clients!

RESOURCE - EVERYONE is talking about ChatGPT and using artificial intelligence to help you write anything you need. Next week, we will be adding an .ai tool to CSP!!!!!! It is designed specifically to help you write blog posts, text messages, emails, social media posts, and even FB or Google Ads. We’ll be adding the tool at no charge for our clients but you will need to pay a few pennies for each output. Like text messaging, it’s not free to us either. But...the cost is extremely reasonable. Watch for more information next week. We’re excited to bring this to you!

OBSERVATION - I want to address the idea that .ai will replace humans. I DO NOT think that will happen. I spent 12 years in the factory automation and robotics space and we saw the same fear. Automation, robotics, ai, etc are all additional tools that humans can use to increase their productivity. It allows us to level up our skill set and spend our time doing more important things that only humans can do. These types of tools are not perfect and they need humans to make them work. I talked to many employees who were excited to be able to move up in their companies due to automation taking over the boring, routine, often dangerous work.

WORD OF MOUTH - I have told many people about Jamie Shibley and her company, The Expressory. I often refer to her as the warm and squishy piece of our automation process. Sending REAL mail and gifting is more important than ever if you want to stand out and be remembered. If you’re like me and want to add additional warmth to your automation, talk to Jamie. Her personalized service blends beautifully with CSP, so you can easily make that happen.

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Recent New Features

Notification Manager Update

Set notification preferences based on different channels, as well as select multiple delivery channels for a specific notification type.

Note - Currently supported channels: In-App, Email & SMS

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Use Apple Pay or Google Pay as payment methods using Stripe on 1-step order forms, 2-steps order forms, & one-click upsells.

Note - Toggle on Google Pay & Apple Pay under 'Payments' and 'Integrations'

Clone Social Posts

Clone social posts that have failed instead of recreating the post. While in 'Social Planner' select 'Failed' and toggle to the far right of the post that needs to be cloned.

Company Object Updates

Bulk delete companies & disassociate contacts, search companies by their email address, and add new companies from the contact details page.


Create assignments that allow course creators to upload a questionnaire with instructions, and the manually grade them. Course members can write answers in paragraph form or upload an answer sheet.

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