Monthly Wrap-Up

of December, 2021

A Word from CSP

G - Grateful

Is there anyone who isn't grateful for Betty White? What a life that woman led. She loved people, animals, humor, and vodka. I would love to see more people (myself included) add more Betty White to their lives. She may be gone but not ever forgotten.

R - Resource

We're going to be starting a new group in our Mighty Networks Client Community. We have a lot of clients who are also authors. Let's start talking about how to use CS PRO to sell and market our books.  Reply to this email if you want to learn how to get added to this new group. (It is for clients only)

O - Observation

It's a brand new year! Even though it's a day like most other days, starting a new year just feels so exciting. I have written a whole bunch of goals for 2022 and many of you will be a part of it! We not only hit our big hairy goal for 2021 but we surpassed it by almost 10K!! I am telling you that we built this company using this software. That's why we're so passionate about helping others do the same thing. If you're struggling, reach out for help!

W - Word of Mouth

I have to give a shout-out to our client, Melissa Hughes who launched her new children's book. I grabbed 4 copies to give as gifts!! You can learn more at Amazon

Upcoming Event

CLIENT HIGHLIGHT - Conquer Your Marketing Program with Erin Marcus

Starting January 5th 2022

Conquer Your Marketing is different from so many offerings because it’s all about reverse engineering you into a process that actually works backwards from your most inspiring goals so we can create an intentional client journey that leads people to working with you.

And we’re not just going to teach you how to do it.bYou’re going to finish the program with the pieces actually in place!!

That’s right.

LEARN how it should work with the EXPERT advice to make sure it’s being done right and get the DELIVERABLES you need to put it all together!

Register Here

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Upcoming Event

Join Melissa at Fab Fempreneur Fest

2 Day Online Workshop Retreat for Women Business Owners

January 28th & 29th

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New Features this Month

OR Filter in Contacts/Smartlists

With more and more features coming so often the left sidebar menu was due for a redesign and it's here! Watch this video to see a little overview of this new menu.

Order Confirmation Element in Funnels/Websites

Automatically confirm a order purchase in your funnels/websites! This new element displays like a receipt on any page after an order form submission.

Allow contacts in your courses to download videos!

Want to allow your students to download any replay or lesson videos? You now can! In the membership settings you can toggle this ability on and off as you see fit!

Tips from this Month

How Are You Planning to Kick Off the New Year for Your Business?

In the blink of an eye, it's the new year and you realize that there was so much you wanted to get done before now...right?

Well, it's already here, so don't wait! Get your funnels, workflows, registrations, products, and more all built out this month to kick off the new year with a freshly automated money-making system! Check out all of our resources here to get the help you need to start 2022 on the right foot..

Custom Field Images in Emails

Learn how to pull in dynamic file upload custom fields into emails, such as images!

Shift + Return in SMS

Learn how to go to the next line when typing a text message without automatically sending! Thanks TheMichelle Sterling for pointing this out at Open Office Hours!

Auto Responder for Messages

Don't miss out on leads! Create an autoresponder workflow to stay on top of incoming messages and potential clients.

Client Resources

(in no particular order)

Support Email


7 days a week

to submit a ticket to our support team with questions, comments, glitches, and more! This is the best way to get support other than open office hours because it submits a formal ticket that we can follow.

Emailing or texting Stephanie or Melissa tends to get lost and is harder to track on our end. Having the support of a team focused on helping YOU is more valuable than hoping to get a text back!

Open Office Hours

Hop onto the open office hours that we offer 3x a week. Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients, VA's, and team members. You will learn from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

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Join our community of clients with many different resources available and bounce ideas off each other on the Home Page.

This is the first place that we post new updates and launches of the software with a video explanation as well as posting our own events, lead magnets, tips and tricks, and more.

You can also post your own events and lead magnets under the Client Showcase topic.

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Support Livechat

Use the 7 days a week live chat from

8am-4pm PST

(10am-6pm CST) (11am-7pm EST)

to receive support for quick questions or glitches you may have. Find this live chat in the Help Library and the black live chat bubble.

Help Library

Open the Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, and GIFs to help support you in the software. This library talks through all of the basic steps and things to understand about the software. With a keyword search, you can easily find videos that you need.

You can also contact support to submit a tick this way also, click "Contact Us" and follow the prompts.


Check out these courses that we offer to learn in-depth about the most common projects that are built-in CSP including appointments, events, newsletter, keywords, product purchase, and more!

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