Monthly Wrap-Up

of June, 2021

A Word from CSP

G - Grateful

Today I am grateful for Shaun Clark and his amazing team of software engineers. Without him, we would not have a business that I am super proud of. A business that I get to run with my daughter! I once told him that after my husband and son, he is my favorite man in the world! Be sure to sign up for our July 7th event so you can meet him and hear what he has in store for us.

R - Resource

I am involved in a number of amazing groups but one is unique in what it offers. It's more than a networking group. It's like having a group of co-workers who actually help each other. Pat Miller is the creator of The Idea Collective and is a master Idea Coach. I'm not kidding. He's THE Idea Coach. Consider dipping your toe into his no-cost Facebook Group and then when you're ready to join the group, jump in with us. This November, we'll all be coming together in Lake Geneva, WI for a powerpacked 3 day event.

O - Observation

It's amazing when you ask for help and a number of people raise their hands to help with no price tag attached. Do you know what that makes me want to do? Make sure they get paid in one way or another. Maybe it's actual money? Maybe an introduction to their ideal client? Maybe itt's something that I've learned that will help their business.

W - Word of Mouth

I have an ask this month. We are working on building up our YouTube channel and need to get to 100 subscribers so we can name our channel. Will you help us out today by subscribing?

Upcoming Events

Cultivating Sales x Shaun Clark - Open to Everyone

Meet the CEO of Our Software's Development Team

July 7th 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

A glimpse into the future of what the best small businesses of tomorrow will look like from a digital perspective.

Learn from Shaun how filling your funnels with qualifies prospects, moving those leads through sales pipelines, nurturing those who are interested, and automating your high ticket offer will help you bring in consistent revenue.

PLUS a sneak peak or two about what is coming in the software!

Every Small Business is Leaving Money on the Table, if They Don't Have The Following Tools

2-Way Text Messaging

Web Chat Widget

Google My Business Chat

Facebook Messenger Chat

Reputation Management

Missed-Call Text-Back

Automated Lead Nurture

Register Here

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Events from Last Month

Cultivating Sales x Jamie Shibley - Open to Everyone

Accelerate Your Business Growth by Turning Existing Contacts Into Raving Fans

June 8th, 12pm-1:30pm CST -

Times Have Changed!

Learn the keys to turning existing customers & contacts into raving fans that accelerate your business growth.

I will share the importance of relationship-building strategies that will ensure your brand is solidifying the relationships you already have and turning them into your loyal advocates.

Replay Here

New Features this Month


Text to Pay

Now you can send direct invoice payment links to customers! With just a click of a button and some info about the product you are invoicing, CSP generates a unique link you can send to your client to pay. In emails, texts, and more!


Contact Undelete

All of us have had an "oh shoot!" moment before where you deleted something on accident. Good news! CSP now lets you undelete any contacts you may have removed by accident under contacts - restore contacts.


Domain Specific Login

In the past, if you had multiple accounts with our developer, you could not have more than one login with the same email. Now, with each software having a special domain, you can login without a problem!

Learn more about these features on the client community,

Tips from this Month

How to Use a If/Else Condition

Learn how to split a workflow based off of if a contact has met a certain condition, replied to a message a certain way, entered the workflow a certain way, and more!

How to Create a Password Protected Funnel Page

Check out how to add a password of your choosing to a funnel page!

Paste this link into your browser for the codes you will need in order to accomplish this,

How to Automatically Update a Contact's Email Field

Check out how to have CSP automatically update a contact's email based off of you tagging them or their email bouncing! This sequence asks for their correct email and automatically maps their response.

How to Push Updated Membership Offers to Existing Customers in the Offer

We all know that when you create an offer, people sign up, and you add another product to the offer, those that were already signed up do not get the products added after they signed up. Therefore, it becomes difficult to make sure that everyone that is already signed up or will sign up all have access to the correct information.

New Clients

Julie Hewett CMP, CAE

I am a business coach on a mission to show overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to find F.O.C.U.S. in their business and in their lives.

I am a business coach on a mission to show overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to find F.O.C.U.S. in their business and in their lives. Together we look at the business through a series of lenses to gain an understanding of how well things are working or not and then develop a plan to move forward.

For the past 25+ years, I have been working with business owners, executive directors, and other professionals to successfully navigate the challenges of business success. What we have found working with these organizations is that success is needed in 5 areas of the business.

When you have a clear focus in each of these areas, you can’t help but have success!

Don’t look at the hurdles in your way. Look at the finish line – and beyond. Your business isn’t shrinking – it’s demanding new, better ways to grow it. Together, we’ll find out how – and take our first steps to making your dreams a reality. Get in touch with me and let’s get started! I offer a FREE 30-minute discovery session where we can determine where your F.O.C.U.S. needs to be.

Contact Info



Adam Packard

The Opposite of Every Lead Generation Guy You've Talked to. Customized 1:1 Plans. Accountability. Coaching. RESULTS.


We only work with a select group of clients at a time. We don't have 1000s of clients or even 100s. We are a boutique service providing custom solutions. Both Done For You and Done With You.

We open up our network to you. Before we even start talking business with a potential client, we need to know who you are, what you do, what your offer is, and who you serve. From there, as a thank you for getting to know us, we will make introductions to OUR network FOR you with nothing in return. We are not in the convincing game. If we can help you, with your permission we will share what we do and how it works. If we can't, we go our separate ways as friends!

WHAT WE DO: We simplify the process of generating quality leads & appointments with your ideal prospects & referral partners saving you time & money. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, financial advisors, and busy professionals who need quality leads to grow their business

Contact Info



M. Thaddeus Ronquillo, JD

Head of Operations & Executive Producer at Boiling Frog Entertainment, LLC(#BeRobinTheMovie, #TheGoodBus, #LastCall, #PrideJoyLegacy)

I have started a company with Kurt Weitzmann that brings viewers provocative, authentic and empowering productions and films, with a deep appreciation for cutting edge humor somewhere to the left of dark... our award-winning productions include #BeRobin the Movie, The Good Bus, Last Call, and the newest project for the Queer community - #PrideJoyLegacy, bespoke Queer wedding documentaries!

Find out all about what we're up to at

And here’s how my path began...Just out of law school, I assisted survivors of domestic violence and senior abuse with immigration issues and restraining orders for several years. I then headed in a different direction...

My search skills and company infiltration expertise were honed by the start-up Kaizen Staffing, followed by intensive corporate training at Manpower HQ in Milwaukee. These recruiting skills augmented my interviewing skills from my legal background, paving the way to become a speaker at the San Francisco Professional Career Network, as well as a commentator on local radio and television about the job search and helpful tips for job seekers. Thus began my "learning the system."

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Reg Charney


I am a serial entrepreneur who specializes in thinking differently. I have developed products, usually ahead of my time, that contribute to the business community with innovative products that I have designed, developed and sold.

They extend from defining a precursor to the computer language C while at IBM's UK Hursley Laboratories, to a Canadian Standards Association standard on Program Design, to designing EntreBahn, the first viable virtual business consulting platform that pays experts for doing their own prospecting while breaking the assumption barriers that limit most entrepreneurs. I like getting to the core of issues and proposing solutions that are win-win for all concerned. I also delight in seeing the success of others and work to empower other entrepreneurs like myself to be all they can be.

EntreBahn was designed for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. It helps you bring your great ideas to market by connecting you to the right experts who do the right thing, the right way, and in the right order. If you are one of our vetted experts, you get paid for prospecting for you own ideal clients and it costs you nothing. Joining EntreBahn is currently free.

Contact Info

Melanie Warner

My Defining Moments

I am a book and magazine Publisher, International Bestselling Author, Book & Business Coach with a network of clients all over the world. I launched the Defining Moments book series in 2016. I help entrepreneurs & coaches write & publish a bestselling book, then leverage their authority to become a global expert.

For more info, see the link below for my free MasterClass: How to Write Your Bestselling Book in 8 Weeks or Less & Make a Profit...Even if No One Has Ever Heard of You.

Contact Info

Shiran Cohen

Author, Body Language & Human Behavior for Business Success

Sometimes life presents you with excruciating challenges, but years later, in retrospect, you can appreciate the resilience that brought you through.

Shiran is the living example of this. She was born and raised in Israel, where violence was present in her life, at home, and outside of the household.

Growing up in a country where terrorism and war are no strangers, she lost two cousins in two different terrorist attacks. From a young age, she learned to observe and look for the "attacker."

See Shiran's Books and Bio on Amazon

Becki Rojas

Division Leader Park Lane Jewelry

Experienced Division Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the luxury goods and jewelry industry. Strong operations professional skilled in Coaching, Retail, Sales, Team Building, and Driving Results.

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Client Resources

(in no particular order)

Client Help Library

Open the Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, and GIFs to help support you in the software. This library talks through all of the basic steps and things to understand about the software. With keyword search, you can easily find videos that you need. You can also contact support to submit a tick this way also, click "Contact Us" and follow the prompts.

Client Support Livechat

Use the 7 day a week livechat from

8am-4pm PST

(10am-6pm CST) (11am-7pm EST)

to receive support for quick questions or glitches you may have. Find this livechat in the Help Library and the black livechat bubble.

Client Support Email

Email [email protected]

7 days a week

to submit a ticket to our support team with questions, comments, glitches, and more! This is the best way to get support other than open office hours because it submits a formal ticket that we can follow.

Emailing or texting Stephanie or Melissa tends to get lost and are harder to track on our end. Having the support of a team focused on helping YOU is more valuable than hoping to get a text back!

Client Open Office Hours

Hop onto our open office hours that we offer THREE times a week. Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients, VA's, and team members. You will learn from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

Join us on Mon. at 12pm & Wed. at 3pm,, the password is Sales

Client Community

Join our community of clients with many different resources available and bounce ideas off each other on the Home Page.

This is the first place that we post new updates and launches of the software with a video explanation as well as posting our own events, lead magnets, tips and tricks, and more.

You can also post your own events and lead magnets under the Client Showcase topic.

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Client Courses

Check out these courses that we offer to learn in depth about the most common projects that are built in CSP including appointments, events, newsletter, keyword, product purchase, and more! You watch as Stephanie builds every piece of each project.

Check out the courses here

Hire Us for Help

Still not finding what you need from the 6 different FREE resources we offer? Hire us to help you build out these projects that you are trying to accomplish. Pick from the multiple pre-packaged projects that we offer or book an appointment for us to give you a quote.

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