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G - Ok, this is a very nerdy thing to be grateful for. A new Action in our Workflow builder is Math Operations. Think about it, pick any date that is important. Birthdate, Anniversary, renewal date, etc. and now you can tell the software to minus 10 days and send a specific text or email. We’re also looking to use it for lead scoring. + 2 points if they open an email. +10 points if they book an appointment. + 10 points if they attend a webinar. Where could you use our Math Operations?

R - 9 Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read

I love to read and as much as I love technology, and I like to buy real books. Here’s a list of 9 books every small business owner should read!

O - I am working through a course right now. It’s hard to stay focused on working through it. I paid for it and yet find that I’m behind where I should be at this point. My coach told me that I need to block off time in my calendar to do the work. Without scheduling it, something else always gets in the way. Is there something you’re working on where you need to block time off in your calendar? You will never get the benefit of what you paid for if you never find the time to do the work.

W- Did you see the video that Austin from our team made about using CSP to build your own LinkTree page? Many of you have commented and are building your own. If you missed it, watch on our YouTube Channel and please also subscribe!!!

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Recent New Features

Social Media Posting - LinkedIn

Edit, plan, and post content for your LinkedIn account.

Note - Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram are also available

Workflow Wait Step Update

Get more specific with wait steps by selecting months, days, hours, and even minutes before or after an event or appointment.

Note - Confirm that the 'Event/Appointment Time' is added to the workflow

Time Zone Field

When creating a new contact, select their time zone from the drop down menu.

DND Channel Split

When putting a contact on 'do not disturb,' choose a specific channel, or select them all at once.

Instagram Posting Updates

Add multiple images and videos to one Instagram post. Also, post a follow-up comment for your followers to view.

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