Monthly Wrap-Up

of March, 2021

A Word from CSP

Spring is finally here and in Wisconsin, that's cause for celebration! It's been a long winter!

When I think of Spring, I think of new growth! New ways to bring life into our lives and our businesses.

Soon you're going to start hearing about our new Digital Acceleration program. It's going to be the focus of the rest of the year. I won't spend a lot of time on that now except to tell you the 3 cornerstones of our program.


We've spent the last 2 years helping our clients assemble all the pieces of their sales and marketing system. Our focus has been on our CS PRO software system. During this time, I've come to realize that assembling a bunch of pieces without first planning, is just not as effective as it could be. The planning stage is where we find clarity.

Then, we move into assembling all the pieces.

Then, we execute the plan!

Keep your eyes and ears open for much more to come on this subject!

Upcoming Events

Cultivating Sales x Susan Trumpler

April 20th, 12pm-1pm CST -

Are you someone who doesn't relish the time you have to spend "selling" your products and services? But . . . you know that sales are a "necessary evil" . . . During this quick workshop, I'm going to help you discover how sales conversations can be fun when you learn the secret to connecting on a deeper level with people and help them WANT to become your client.

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Events from This Month

Trigger Workshop

March 18th, 12pm-1pm CST -

In this workshop, we will provide you an in-depth look into what triggers do for automation and your best way to utilize them. By looking into the most common projects that triggers are used for, you will get a good understanding of the overall picture and how to start customizing your triggers to your needs. We want the software to work for you…not you work for the software… and triggers are the most important piece to get the ball rolling. PLUS a bonus feature to help solidify your understanding of all the possible triggers and how they can be used.

Replay Link

New Features this Month


Membership Analytics

Check out what each member of each course you have in the Cultivating Sales Pro membership area is doing. Under the new analytics tab, you can see their progress through the course, how many times they have logged in, when they started the course, and what they have completed!


Custom HTML Element in Email Builder

Use this new custom HTML element in the Cultivating Sales Pro email builder to bring in anything you have an embed code for such as elfsight elements, forms, surveys, and more! Always be cautious that these elements can disrupt deliverabilty for your readers so always test!


Zoom Integration

Use this new integration with zoom to connect your zoom account to CSP as well as to bring in unique and dynamic meeting links for each appointment you book within Cultivating Sales Pro.

Learn more about these features on the client community,

Tips from this Month

How to Setup Your Own Unsubscribe

Learn how to divide your lists into categories such as newsletter, announcement, and open office hour communications. As well as how to automate an unsubscribe for contacts to use!

How to Setup Before/After/Immediately Timings in Campaigns

Learn how to correctly understand and setup timings in a campaign whether it is based off of a specific date or a drip sequence.

How to Add More than One Product in a Funnel

Learn how to add multiple products in a singular funnel page where the customer can choose which one they want to purchase. As well as how to trigger off of those products!

How to Add a User to Your Account

Learn how to add a VA or partner to your account to help out with building, editing, and executing processes throughout the software!

New Clients

Veronica Crystal Young

Leadership - Resilience - Change Speaker I Author I Coach l CEO at KnowUrPower365

Speaker/Coach/Author as well as an Actress/Singer/Producer.

I SPEAK and teach 3 powerful principles to change your position in life and finally,...FINALLY, ... have it all. After years of abuse and climbing the ladder of success in the corporate world, I realized that the dreams of my childhood were dreams I had given up... totally. This was making me depressed, frustrated, and plain unhappy, despite working so hard to have a powerful and successful life, something was missing. And that missing element was ME. I found Love, Happiness, Joy, and Fulfillment when I knocked down the barriers of the past, and starting living the life I was born to live. I KNOW.... you can create and have what you truly want too. It's never too late. Believe me. Be the were born to be!

Contact Info



Marie Matteson

Health and Wellness Specific Healthcare based upon your Genetic SNPs, biofeedback, or co consultant with a naturopathic physician.

Training in the Midwest, South, and Washington including emergency medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic assistant, naturopathic, wellness kinesiology, touch for health, medical intuition, and nutrition. I have gained her experience through over 20 years of dedicated years of caring and problem solving individual needs.

I taught massage courses at Whatcom Community College~Community Education for 7 years.

I enjoy helping individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle, wellness and problem solve health issues. Whether it is relaxation, injury treatment, Wellness plan, stress release, SCENAR for inflammation/pain, or weight management.

Contact Info



Marie Wallace

CEO of Marie's Gold

Marie is a sacred spiritual guide. As an ordained interfaith minister, Marie has both the passion and the experience to facilitate our most sacred ceremonies and rituals. Marie has poured much time, love, and intention into preparing spiritual nourishment for her clients.

She deeply believes in our healing connections with each other. She actively tours as a speaker and storyteller, When creating an event with you, she loves masterfully weaving your unique story into the ceremony, offering suggestions of readings and rituals that can further bless you.

Her vows to the world are to be LOVE AND JOY IN THIS MOMENT and to be present. Her ordination and affiliation are from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and she is continuing her education as a spiritual counselor so she can be of service to all. Marie believes in honoring each person she comes in contact with finding their inherent gifts (or as she calls it, the gold), empowering them to be their best selves. She knows we are each connected in a deep way and the light of love is in everyone.

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Andrea Koochin

Consultant & Coach / Business Growth and Development at MyHomeBizTIPS

We provide inspiration, empowerment, and support for entrepreneurs who work from home so that they can find, create and scale the business of their dreams without sacrificing their family or their sanity.

In our TV show MyHomeBizTIPS we interview successful business owners who are happy to share their stories and their tips for success. This is the place where you get all the education and support you need to boom your home-based business.

TIPS stands for Training, Implementation, Products & Services or Time Management, Ideation, Productivity & Strategies - what TIPS would you like us to provide for you?

We will be bringing in experts to talk to as we don’t know it all ourselves, so you will be hearing from entrepreneurs who are heading up booming businesses from home and living the lives they always dreamed of. We will ask them how they did it so that you can hear what they have to say.

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Client Resources

(in no particular order)

Client Help Library

Open the Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, and GIFs to help support you in the software. This library talks through all of the basic steps and things to understand about the software. With keyword search, you can easily find videos that you need. You can also contact support to submit a tick this way also, click "Contact Us" and follow the prompts.

Client Support Livechat

Use the 7 day a week livechat from

8am-4pm PST

(10am-6pm CST) (11am-7pm EST)

to receive support for quick questions or glitches you may have. Find this livechat in the Help Library and the black livechat bubble.

Client Support Email

Email [email protected]

7 days a week

to submit a ticket to our support team with questions, comments, glitches, and more! This is the best way to get support other than open office hours because it submits a formal ticket that we can follow.

Emailing or texting Stephanie or Melissa tends to get lost and are harder to track on our end. Having the support of a team focused on helping YOU is more valuable than hoping to get a text back!

Client Open Office Hours

Hop onto our open office hours that we offer THREE times a week. Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients, VA's, and team members. You will learn from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

Join us on Mon. at 12pm & Wed. at 3pm,, the password is Sales

Client Community

Join our community of clients with many different resources available and bounce ideas off each other on the Home Page.

This is the first place that we post new updates and launches of the software with a video explanation as well as posting our own events, lead magnets, tips and tricks, and more.

You can also post your own events and lead magnets under the Client Showcase topic.

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Client Courses

Check out these courses that we offer to learn in depth about the most common projects that are built in CSP including appointments, events, newsletter, keyword, product purchase, and more! You watch as Stephanie builds every piece of each project.

Check out the courses here

Hire Us for Help

Still not finding what you need from the 6 different FREE resources we offer? Hire us to help you build out these projects that you are trying to accomplish. Pick from the multiple pre-packaged projects that we offer or book an appointment for us to give you a quote.

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