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G - We are very grateful for our tech support team! They currently are there for you via our Live Chat widget 7 days a week and we're exploring how we can go 24/7. We have clients all over the world so we want to see how we can make that happen.

R - Do you want to get booked on more Podcasts? Do you need to find guests for your podcast? I found a really great no charge group that meets on Zoom to share opportunities. Register HERE

O - “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” -Winston Churchill. Often, we see clients who don't want to launch their assets until everything is 'perfect'. We are big fans of testing and proofreading but at a certain point, you need to hit SEND! It doesn't matter how beautiful your funnel is or how profound your email is if no one sees it. Take Action!

W- Are you in charge of any in-person events, conferences, or trade shows? Our client, Rachel LeRoy is someone you want to talk to. Her company, HipMaps will develop an event-specific mobile app for you. Think of all the information you need to tell your guests. She can put it all on a mobile map, so they have it at their fingertips. Where to book a hotel room, restaurants or shops in the area, meeting rooms, etc. Check it out at https://hipmaps.com

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Recent New Features

Social Media Posting

We can now post onto various social media platforms from the inside!

Note - email marketing Tab is now "Marketing" & connect social media under settings - integrations


Invoice directly from CSP to any contact in your CRM

Note - Make sure your payment gateway is connected under payments - integrations

Email Builder Folders

Organize your email templates based on category, type, title, etc.

Automatic Permanent Detection

Now on the permeant failed email, we will mark the contact email as invalid and we will not send email to MailGun which will prevent domain from getting bad reputations.

Copy Workflow Steps

By clicking the "..." next to any workflow step to clone it, everything under it, or delete it!

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Tier One Support

Free Options

Email Our Support Team 7-days a week at support@cultivatingsales.com or submit a ticket below.

Live Chat Our Support Team 7-days a week from 10am-6pm CST from within our software platform.

Access our Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, explanations, gifs, and submit a ticket to our support team from within our software platform.

Tier Two Support

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Register for our many free courses to learn step by step how to build the most common project types in CSP

Join our live Open Office Hours 3x a week for help, demonstrations, troubleshooting, and more. Click Here to Learn More

Our client community is helpful to learn weekly tips and tricks, new updates and features, bounce ideas off of other clients, and more!

Tier Three Support

Paid Options

Purchase a 30-minute help session with our team to receive 1-on-1 assistance.

Hire CSP to build out a project or template for you. Give us the information and we will build it!

Hire a Certified CSP Automation Architect. Search our accredited builder directory for people who have completed our rigorous platform certification program.

Become a Certified CSP Automation Architect. Sign Up for our certification program here!