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GRATEFUL - I am so grateful for my Mastermind Group. I was with them in Dallas last week and my brain is exploding!! Who do you hang out with that helps you expand what you think is possible? Reply to this email and let me know.

RESOURCE - ChatGPT is exploding. We were going to launch ours last month but with the rapid changes happening we’re holding off a bit more. We want to make it even more helpful for you. Ask yourself, how could I use ChatGPT within CSP? Help with writing emails, social posts, text messages, blog posts... If you’re like me and HATE a blank page, you’re going to love what we have coming!!!!!

OBSERVATION - Turbulence sucks! I’ve been flying a lot more lately and I hate turbulence. Why is it I’m the only one who appears to be freaking out? I guess it’s like social media. Perfect on the outside and shaking like a scared puppy on the inside and no one can tell. Does turbulence bother you? Hit reply to this email and tell me. I’m really curious!

WORD OF MOUTH - I’m going to brag on my daughter Stephanie for a bit. (I know, I’m always bragging on her!) She built a robust training course for our new company, The Academy For Highlevel. HighLevel ran a contest for the best Membership Program/Course and she won first place!! She built a training course about HighLevel’s software and they choose her training as #1. That is surreal! I’m so proud of her.

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Recent New Features

Comment Privacy Settings

Set the default privacy for comments in memberships to either public, private/instructor only, or both so that users can select the privacy when they add their comment.

Note - Replies will always respect the privacy of the parent comment

Custom Office Hours

Select 'Custom' Office Hours when creating a calendar to set specific dates and times, ideal for a webinar and can be used with both round robin and event calendars

Note - This allows users to create an appointment for a custom date as well as time

Funnel Lock Down

Use the funnel lock down feature to determine who can have access to shared funnel links, and who will receive a permission error.

Custom Invoice Title

Change the title of invoices from the default title 'INVOICE.' Changing the title will change every invoice created after the title change.

Opportunity Updates

There are many opportunity updates, such as a new card design, clickable actions to add and manage activities, view total counts for tags, tasks, and notes, and more!

Want to learn more about new features?

Our Recent Updates course will have detailed videos explaining the newest features coming to the system!

If there are any updates and we haven't yet updated in the course, rest assured there will be some sort of note in the descriptions of any important lessons. We will always get around to making the updated videos!

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