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G - I am extremely grateful for our growing team! My son, Austin Blair, joined Cultivating Sales last week. Never in a million years did I expect this would become a family business but I can’t imagine it any other way now. Morgan Johnson (non-family but interesting that Johnson was my mom’s maiden name) joined us at the end of March.

R - National Small Business Week

Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship virtual summit

May 2-5, 2022

O - “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” -Michael Jordan

W- Don’t Grow it Alone! I am a member of the Idea Collective and attended their retreat last year. This year, I grabbed our tickets as soon as they were released. Consider joining us in Lake Geneva November 10th - 12th. The Idea Collective Small Business Incubator Retreat Presented by Bank Five Nine - Check It Out and Watch the Video

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Social Media Posting

Edit, plan, and post content for Instagram business accounts & Facebook groups.

Note - Confirm that your Instagram business account is connected to your chosen Facebook page

Note Descriptions

Include note descriptions in a workflow to customize an if/else step.

Note - Select 'Note Added' as the trigger - add if/else step - note description

Audit Log Updates

Multiple modules added to the audit log, including custom values and notes. Click "action" to view modules that have been restored.

Workflow Version History

In the history log, note of workflow actions executed in previous versions of the workflow.

Comment in a Workflow

Click "..." on a workflow step to add a comment, make a note, or alert others of an issue.

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