Monthly Wrap-Up

of September, 2021

A Word from CSP

G - Grateful

We ran into a problem with our email last week.  I'm so grateful for our CSP team, our development team, and the service providers we've chosen to partner with. While it was frustrating for all, we were able to quickly recover.  Problems happen in business. It's nice to know we have the right people in place when those problems come up.

R - Resource

Many of our clients use a Facebook Group in their business. Wouldn't you love to approve a new member and have that person added into CSP and launched on a workflow? Here's a tool that I found and have switched to for this. I'm not sure how long this deal will be active so grab it now.

O - Observation

You want Google to know who you are, don't you? Well then don't miss our Google My Business Workshop with Claire Lauer on Tuesday. Even if you have a GMB account, you'll want to learn how to use it!

W - Word of Mouth

We recently signed on our first non-profit account. The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative. We are so excited to use our software to help our Vets. I can't wait to see where this goes. To learn more visit

Upcoming Event

Google My Business Workshop with Claire Lauer - Open to Everyone

October 5th, 1:30pm - 2:30pm CST -

Google My Business (GMB) is your FREE directory listing on the world's largest search engine. By spending a few minutes every week on your listing, you can gain massive visibility on Google without any technical knowledge.

Register Here

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Upcoming Program

Virtual Assistant Certification Program - Beta Class Launching Soon


We're thrilled to announce the beta roll-out of our Cultivating Sales Virtual Assistant Certification Program.

This program is right for you if:

  • If you have been a VA in the past but are still looking for a niche
  • If you want to be an expert level VA and are willing to learn the Cultivating Sales PRO software
  • If you are passionate about helping small business owners streamline their processes to be effective for them

We're only accepting 10 people for our Beta Program. If this sounds like it might be right for you, get on our waiting list now so you're one of the first to know when we launch in mid-October. There's no obligation to get on our waiting list.

Get on the Waiting List here

New Features this Month


Category Completed in Workflows

Now, with Facebook and Instagram joining forces, we are able to bring in Instagram messages like we do with FB! After connecting your IG and FB pages, you can hit the "Instagram" button on the CSP Integrations tab in settings, reconnect FB, and boom! You're connected. Last month only accounts with a certain number of followers could do this but now it has opened up for EVERYONE! Yay!


Go To Step in Workflows

We can now loop workflows by using the new Go To Step! This step allows you to connect any step in your workflow to another! This helps with looping, branching, and more.


Paypal Integration

We now have a new payment system in CSP that allows you to connect both Stripe and Paypal to give customers different payment options! Go to settings, payments, and integrations in order to set this up for yourself!


Outlook Integration

We can now integrate directly with both google calendars and outlook calendars. This allows you to tie straight into your outlook calendar for a direct sync of appointments between Outlook and CSP!


Send A Card or Gift

We worked with fellow CSP user Jamie Shibley to build out a special tool for all of us. You know when someone mentions they have a birthday coming up or someone special to them died? You want to send a card or a gift but it's just too flipping hard.

1. You have to go out and find the right card/gift.

2. You have to write your message. I usually buy more than 1 card because I hate my. handwriting!

3. You go to mail it and realize you don't have any stamps.

By this time your generous thought becomes a major hassle and 3 months later, you find the stampless card in a pile of papers on your desk. This will solve this issue with a click of a button!


Clone Calendars

Need to create a new calendar similar to one you already have created? Rather than taking the time to remake it step by step, click the three little dots next to the calendar you want to clone, click copy calendar, and voila!

Tips from this Month

How to Create a Website Blog

Thinking about starting a blog or have one you want to move into CSP? Check out this Tip Tuesday video to learn how we recommend accomplishing this!

How to Send a Handmade Card or Gift

Learn how to send a handmade high-touch card or gift to your clients with a click of a button!

Already an Expressory client? Just fill out the form!

Not an Expressory client? Click "learn more" on the form or contact [email protected]

How to Utilize Page Builder Margins

Use margins in the page builder to add spacing outside of the box and overlap elements

How to Utilize Tasks and Not Forget About Them

Tasks can be a super useful tool in CSP if you haven't already utilized them. Watch the video below to learn how to automatically assign tasks, where to find a list of your tasks, and how to remind yourself so you don't forget about them!

New Clients

Talmar Anderson

CEO of Boss Actions

Talmar Anderson, The Boss Muse, is an expert at teaching business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, how to stop making the same hiring mistakes over and over again and FINALLY build a kick ass team so that you can grow your business without running yourself into the ground.

As CEO & Founder of Boss Actions, Talmar creates effective hiring strategies and management best practices to successfully scale your business so you can making more money AND enjoy the team you build. Her mission is to teach you that its does NOT have to be so hard to build, lead and celebrate with your dream team. And you do not have to be an overbearing OGRE to inspire results in your team.

She is a sought after speaker and is the creator of Bossification - the ground breaking program that expedites your shift from overwhelmed business owner to thriving Boss WITHOUT burning yourself out

Bossification is an on-demand program that includes Live Group elements and lifetime access to the tools that help you customize your HOW TO HIRE and HOW TO MANAGE processes within your own company! That way you build the team YOU and your clients most need for consistent and quality results. VIP Boss Days are also offered to achieve in only 2 days what 4 months of consulting delivers!

Contact Info



Susi Hately

Functional Synergy

I provide yoga therapy to C-Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs who have pain, non-restorative sleep issues, and/or symptoms associated with a high work load.

I initially approached yoga from an academic perspective, having obtained a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria. Applications include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport and exercise.

I then started to see the connection between how people move, how they relax, and who they are. I became known for my ability to help people out of pain/manage autoimmune conditions/migraines/sleep disturbances.

I’m a successful business woman in my own right: I understand business cycles and the pressures associated with your building and running a successful organization.

I understand that your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

Contact Info



Jennifer Ewert

Park Lane Jewelry

I have been in the professional services industry for eleven years and am excited at the opportunity that Park Lane has provided to me. I enjoy the ability to continue to work a full time job along with a flexible schedule that Park Lane allows.

I am married to my incredible husband and we have one energetic son and one sweet daughter. I am looking forward to using Park Lane as a tool in creating friendships with new people, along with strengthening old acquaintances. In my free time, I enjoy helping out at church, spending as much time as possible with my family, and cheering intensely for the San Francisco Giants.

I would love to get to know you more. Please feel free to send me a message anytime so I can get to know you and your jewelry needs!

Contact Info



Michael McCauley

Turn Knowledge to Profit

Coaches, Speakers and Authors hire us to turn their knowledge into profits because too many are overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid. We help them package what they know into marketable products and services so they can get paid what they’re worth.

After 30 years of designing courses, services and systems that have earned more than $75 million for businesses in a wide range of industries, we know the formula for turning your knowledge into profits.

The bottom line is that our clients earn more, make a bigger impact, and have the freedom to live the life of their dreams.

Contact Info



Melissa Hughes

Top-Shelf Business Consulting Services

In the last 7 months I have grown my TikTok account from 0 to over 160,000 followers. I have also been on the Kelly Clarkson Show for two segments. One of my TikTok’s is currently in the process of being made into a children’s book through Dinosaur House Publishing. I also help business owners migrate to the platform and drive traffic and sales to their business by leveraging TikTok.

Contact Info

Client Resources

(in no particular order)

Client Help Library

Open the Help Library for a plethora of videos, transcriptions, and GIFs to help support you in the software. This library talks through all of the basic steps and things to understand about the software. With keyword search, you can easily find videos that you need. You can also contact support to submit a tick this way also, click "Contact Us" and follow the prompts.

Client Support Livechat

Use the 7 day a week livechat from

8am-4pm PST

(10am-6pm CST) (11am-7pm EST)

to receive support for quick questions or glitches you may have. Find this livechat in the Help Library and the black livechat bubble.

Client Support Email

Email [email protected]

7 days a week

to submit a ticket to our support team with questions, comments, glitches, and more! This is the best way to get support other than open office hours because it submits a formal ticket that we can follow.

Emailing or texting Stephanie or Melissa tends to get lost and are harder to track on our end. Having the support of a team focused on helping YOU is more valuable than hoping to get a text back!

Client Open Office Hours

Hop onto our open office hours that we offer THREE times a week. Open Office Hours are an extremely beneficial FREE resource that we offer to all clients, VA's, and team members. You will learn from questions you ask, questions others ask, demonstrations, and sneak peeks of new features. The best way to learn the software is to dive in and see how it all works, which is why we highly encourage attending!

Join us on Mon. at 12pm & Wed. at 3pm,, the password is Sales

Client Community

Join our community of clients with many different resources available and bounce ideas off each other on the Home Page.

This is the first place that we post new updates and launches of the software with a video explanation as well as posting our own events, lead magnets, tips and tricks, and more.

You can also post your own events and lead magnets under the Client Showcase topic.

Sign Up Now

Client Courses

Check out these courses that we offer to learn in depth about the most common projects that are built in CSP including appointments, events, newsletter, keyword, product purchase, and more! You watch as Stephanie builds every piece of each project.

Check out the courses here

Hire Us for Help

Still not finding what you need from the 6 different FREE resources we offer? Hire us to help you build out these projects that you are trying to accomplish. Pick from the multiple pre-packaged projects that we offer or book an appointment for us to give you a quote.

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